Dutch gays Fear For Their Rights

The subject of debate in the Free State is the future of Geaardheid and its relations with the rest of the world, especially the United States of America. The residents of Free State are very vocal about wanting to remain African – but they claim that they are a nation first and a gay community second. The tensions between the two groups started during the days of the Apartheid when the community was threatened by the South African police for practicing gay sex. It resulted into a conflict where the police and security forces fired upon hundreds of gay men. The worst incident happened when three men were burned alive in their home by an angry mob pour acheter dapoxetine sans ordonnance.


Relationships between the two communities have worsened since Apartheid although there has been some progress on the part of the government. The chief wants to maintain the strict rule of the constitution which has seen the ex-racial policy being discontinued and replaced by a more secular one. As regards to gay rights, the chief is firm that teen sex is illegal. However, he has also stated that the Gay International terrorist organization does not enjoy any immunity from the law and has to be put to jail irrespective of the sexual orientation.

The Netherlands, like many other European countries, does not recognize the existence of a gay community and openly prohibits gay pride parades. Though the country does not tolerate discrimination of any kind, it is illegal to carry out same – sex sexual intercourse. It is believed that the Free State government may try to introduce legislation that would criminalize gay sexual activity. It is also believed that the introduction of a national register of sexual offenders will be used to profile gay citizens and immigrants and to prevent the promotion of gay rights or viagra bij etos kopen.